Why cannot Outlook Express recover your mail and news messages? That's because it has no appropriate built-in means to do that. It is very often that users cannot access their messages because Outlook Express folders become damaged. But you can nearly always extract your messages, if you use the special OE-Mail Recovery - Outlook Express dbx extract software. Download OE-Mail Recovery. Not only this program extracts messages (Outlook Express extraction), but also saves them to the disk. You can either export saved messages to other mail clients or recover damaged folders in Outlook Express.

The method you will use to recover your messages is based on the OE-Mail Recovery utility. You should download Outlook Express dbx viewer and install it on your computer, before Outlook Express extraction. The extract dbx file tool can read damaged Outlook Express folders, extract messages from them and even recover previously deleted messages.

Using the DBX recovery software, you can extract messages from damaged files located on another computer using your local area network. The DBX recovery software checks the integrity of a message and extracts messages together with all files attached to them. The program allows you to recover dbx files up to 4 Gb in size, that is it resolves the problem of 2Gb (dbx 2gb problem, dbxtract). The program has a Batch extraction mode, which makes it possible to automate and speed up the process of extracting and saving messages (Outlook Express extraction, extract dbx files). It is very convenient for system administrators.