Ok so the i-Car ICE project finished early because the car was sold.

The ka is the replacment and its going to be a mission to get everything installed in it.

I've rescued most of the kit from the old car, the amps, circuit breaker, relays, power cables, RCA cables and even one of the speaker pairs. i also removed the double din pioneer to restore the car to factory for the new owner. Unortunatly the Pioneer wont fit in the Ka because it only has a single DIN unit. I was never really happy with the Pioneer because the radio reception was useless.

So.... I've got a shiny new Kenwood KVT-526DVD with a 7 inch motorised screen.


First reports on the radio reception is.... its fantastic.

So te plan is to get the new headunit in, upgrade all the speakers, install the Parrot, amplifiers and a massive sub.