Download a spreadsheet containing our records from our solar water heating installation.

We record the following information twice a day. One around lunchtime and one in the evening after dark. (NOTE: Evening reading after 22:00 are after the tank has been drained for bath’s etc)

• We record the date and time of the measurement.
• The general weather conditions at the time of the reading.
• The current temperature.
• The minimum & Maximum temperature since the last set of readings were taken.
• The total number of KWh's from the solar controller.
• Then daily (After Dark) we take the number of hours the system was pumping and the total KWH's of heat transferred that day.

We can then calculate the amount of energy collected in the morning and the afternoon.

S1 is the temperature of the Solar Collectror
S2 is the temperature at the bottom of the water cylendar.


Download the SpreadSheet Here