Not content with knowing what you're doing online, Google has patented a process using the accelerometer in your phone to work out what you're doing offline too, all in the interest of improving your experience. Android devices might start working out what we're doing based on how we're moving, and make decisions as to what we'd like them to do based on that information, as outlined in Google's latest patent spotted by Unwired View. Popular Whitepapers * Software platforms for mobile devices What are the key aspects to consider? * Ensuring the availability of Blackberry Enterprise Server Keeping your wireless email connected * How to offer the strongest SSL encryption The effect SGC has on encryption levels * Reduce security risks and costs through immediate protection Trend Micro enterprise security whitepaper * 10 ways to reduce your email costs Practical cost saving benefits of cloud-based email management * LTE – When the time's right Key aspects for operators looking to move to Long Term Evolution Mobile phones have, for some time, been able to automatically switch modes based on the current time - so calls can automatically be forwarded outside office hours, or novelty ring tones can take over at five o'clock. Some smartphone applications can change modes dependent on a GPS-established location, but Google is more interested in launching applications based on the motion of the phone.

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