Talk about a turnaround. It's always hard to recognize the larger, slow-moving paradigm shifts as they happen. But after a decade of bad press regarding its commitment to software security, Microsoft seems to have turned the tide. Redmond is getting consistent security accolades these days, often from the very critics who used to call it out. Many of the world's most knowledgeable security experts are urging their favorite software vendors to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft. Haters will always continue hating, but the technical press is giving a lot of favorable coverage to Microsoft's successful efforts to make itself a computer software security leader. Here are some recent examples: "Microsoft for a long time rightly got a bad reputation for insecure products. However, as an industry we should recognize the sea change in Microsoft's approach to security, of which this [Microsoft's plans to share its Security Development Lifecycle process components] is just one example, and encourage other vendors to follow Microsoft's lead." -- SANS NewsBites

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