Ok, so i usually have complete hatrid of things like this, things that offer to "update all your drivers" as usually they are the spawn of satan, laced will malware and end up in being pestered to part with cold hard cash to fix the billion or so "problems" the software pretends to find with your computer. Never once until now have I been convinced a driver update package has ever been any use. I usually just oblitorate any trace of them when discovered on a client computer.

So DriverPack is a little different. I chanced upon it while trying to get Windows XP running on a new Nelham based computer for a client with a very specific requirement to use it on an offline computer. No biggie I thought, only the Intel 4600 onboard graphics on the Optiplex 3020 has no drivers avalible for Windows XP as Intel do not support it.

I discovered this web page offering a "forced" driver to make the Windows 7 x32 driver load. From a little bit of reading on the subject the INF file has been tweaked so it identifies XP as Windows 7.

The link to the page I discovered is here.

One of the links on the pages went to the site for the DriverPack which is avalible here.

What is really useful is aswell as an Online version of the tool which is installed with a stub installer they give the ability to download a complete installation for offline use. This is quite handy if like me you work on many machines. Also there is a smaller download, 500Mb or so, that contains netwrok drivers for LAN and Wifi and it appears to hold just about every network driver for every card in the known universe. This is going on the USB stick on my key chain for those situations where you have a machine with a card or origin unknown and would give your last rolo just to be able to get it online to let windows update get the  latest and rest of the drivers loaded.

DriverPack is certainly worthy of being added to my toolkit for those sticky situations when the fundamental building blocks are missing.