How to stop worrying and turn your big, dumb pile of impenetrable event data into instant actionable intelligence Considering how much information is available in log files, you'd think companies would pay more attention to them. Client computers, servers, firewalls, network devices, and other appliances generate reams of event logs every day, but these logs often go ignored. Although it's a security sin, it's understandable on many levels. First, logs can contain vast amounts of uninteresting events. In fact, most logs are nothing but noise. With the rare exception, most logs are close to useless. At one current client, 1,000 computers and one perimeter firewall generate 25GB of log files on a daily basis. Out of that, in a typical week, not a single event is a true security issue requiring an immediate response. Oh, security events do happen, but when they do, they are normally buried in a sea of unimportant noise.

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